"87% decision makers think customised software drives innovation"

Software development

Innovation and Differentiation: these are the keywords to step ahead of competitors.
As the environment changes, the timely development of software that addresses the needs of your business while integrating with existing systems, is really what makes the difference between competing and winning.

Stetel in software development

Development of full end-to-end services is an area where Stetel express its technical designing and implementation skills at best. Balancing front-end and back-end functionalities, Stetel has more than 20 years of experience in the design and deployment of innovative and efficient software.

Spanning from the implementation of simple, secure and effective communication standards and protocols to the integration of corporate back-ends into business applications, Stetel offers customised software development services which are carefully planned to address each and every business need of our customers.

Our team of professionals follows our customers throughout the whole implementation process. From software design and planning, through to software implementation and integration with external systems, Stetel’s dedicated experts are able to create customised solutions which can easily interface private business solutions already in place (CRM, ERP, billing solutions etc.).

Also, the need for optimization and simple structure is not the only element to drive the architectural design. Because we constantly raise the bar of what we consider "mobile services", we need specific skills in designing effective architectures to support the new businesses efficiently and enable first-class user experiences.

Software development

Our experience with software development

Software development

Front end

  • xHTML, HTML5, JavaScript
  • Firmware and embedded software
  • Application for Simple Processing Units/Controllers
  • Raspberry/Arduino applications and architectures

Back end

  • Data/Content management
  • Integration with private business applications (e.g. SAP or Billing Systems)
  • Integration with public/WEB services (e.g. Google, Facebook)
  • Implementation of specific business logic to support not-sophisticated distributed components
  • Java, C++, C#

Success stories in software development

Find out more about our experience in the development of end-to-end solutions and software in our case studies.