La Tecnologia a sostegno della Supply Chain Management

Scopri come la nostra tecnologia IoT traccia la tua merce. Richiedi gratuitamente il Trial Kit del nostro servizio senza impegno. La rivoluzione digitale negli ultimi due anni ha subito una forte accelerazione allo scopo di rispondere ai disagi e alle esigenze del nuovo scenario pandemico, caratterizzato da un’impennata della domanda di beni e servizi di prima necessità e da un incremento […]

From Human Resources to Human Relations.

During the past decades, the organisation of commercial companies has undergone numerous changes in the areas of business model and management practices. Nowadays, terms such as ‘ learning organisation’ and ‘digital organisation’ represent the reality of many firms aiming to consolidate and reshape their core activities to face the challenges driven by increasingly competitive market. But what makes the difference today? […] servizio smart per le tue spedizioni.

Traccia la tua merce in sicurezza grazie alla tecnologia IoT. Ricevi gratis il Trial Kit del nostro servizio senza impegno. Grazie all’incremento delle vendite online, il 2020 ha stabilito un nuovo volume record di transazioni logistiche in Europa con un aumento del 14% rispetto al 2019 (BNP Paribas, febbraio 2021). Lo scenario pandemico, se da un lato ha imposto delle misure […]

AirTag and UrbanTracker: latest improvements and technologies of tracking devices

In recent months the world of tracking personal objects and goods has been in the spotlight with the introduction of Apple’s AirTag. In these days, there are many devices on the market that stand out for the different technical features and strategies used to locate objects, animals and everything that has value to you. They can be used in different […]

3 Ways the IoT will improve your holiday

With temperatures increasing and all of your friends ready to spend the Summer Holidays in dreamy places, you can’t wait to start your holiday too. Maybe it’s just a matter of days before you close your laptop and drive to the airport or maybe there are still a few days to go before you can say “Goodbye everyone, see you […]

Machine learning mobile apps

Why Machine Learning is the future of Mobile Applications development

When were you born? Maybe the internet didn’t exist yet and nobody even thought of social media. What is for sure is that Machine Learning still sounded as science fiction, although it was in its infancy already. Machine Learning is a subfield of Artificial Intelligence research, based on the concept that machines do not only store and analyse data, but they can […]

smart luggage

Smart Luggage is here to stay – if it’s done right!

If you are already dreaming about your next holiday to a far-off location and you are planning to take smart luggage with you, well…you might have to rethink your suitcase. Last 6th December, American Airlines, Alaska Airlines and Delta implemented new rules regarding electronic device transportation on their flights, due to security concerns. The three American airlines announced that smart luggage […]

Luggage tracking

Luxury Travellers: in search of the digital added value

Gone are the days when luxury travellers were silver-haired and had no familiarity with the digital world. According to The Drum, in 2017 your typical luxury consumer is aged between 25 and 45, has no children (and higher disposable income) and is from Asia or Middle East. In other words, a large amount of 2017 luxury travellers are Millennials, born in the years […]

Our project Noise Recognizer is co-financed under Tuscany POR FESR 2014-2020

What is it Patent of an innovative technology that ensures that a geolocation device Stetel designed complies with the security standards during flights. Goals Making the device competitive in the baggage geolocation market. Results The peculiarities of this technology have been identified and described: the patent application has been submitted.

5 Things you must pack for your holiday

Whether it’s a last minute holiday or you’ve been planning the next days for the last three months, you must admit you are never sure you packed ALL you’re gonna need. No trip is like any other before and I’m quite sure you are wondering how you can have a checklist for ALL kinds of holiday. Although you will not […]