Machine Learning

Data is the currency of the 21st century, that is why we have trained machines not only to analyse it but also to learn from it. Machine Learning allows machines to recognise patterns in the data, make predictions based on it and enrich them as new information is introduced into the system.

The famous self-driving cars we keep hearing about are just one of the many applications of this technology. Machine learning uses specific algorithms to formulate predictions based on historical data; it allows businesses to organise databases and analyse big data in a more time-efficient manner; it enables IT experts to detect and eliminate new pieces of malware faster. It also has many implications in medicine, where it is used to analyse biomedical data, assess patient’s health conditions and predict disease insurgence.

As the applications of Machine Learning increase in number and penetrate every industry, take a look at the many ways it can benefit your business.

How does Machine Learing benefit your business?

Deeper insights into your customers’ tastes and expectations

Every time you interact with your customers, you collect data about them.
Machine learning allows you to analyse and use it in a productive manner, predicting future purchase based on past transactions and interests and enabling you to create highly customised marketing campaigns.  

More accurate forecasting

Using labels, classifications and pattern recognition, Machine Learning uses collected data to make predictions and support you in forecasting sales and adjust operations accordingly.

Improved efficiency

Because Machine Learning is able to analyse data and make accurate predictions, it allows you to save time and manage your business in a more careful and planned way.

Who can use Machine Learning?

Stetel is applying the potential of Machine Learning in different fields:

We keep working to broaden our portfolio.