IP Communications & Smart Communications

With the increase in footprint of technologies such as 4G and 5G, plain voice calls and SMS have lost their appeal. Today’s customers expect to be able to share data while calling, without downloading specific apps. IP Communications and Rich Communications services (RCS), also known as Smart Communications, dramatically improve the user experience by allowing users to share data of any kind through wifi connection. The integration with third party applications and plug-ins (Paypal, Glympse) further contributes to creating an ecosystem that aggregates different contents in a single user experience.

Stetel has worked and works side by side with some of the leading telecommunications companies in the world to provide RCS services (Call+ and Message+) in line with the GSMA standards. Thus, users can move back and forth between different services, share their location, transfer money or do the shopping during a single call.

How do IP Communications & Smart Communications benefit your business?

Improved User Experience

Integration with third-party applications and plug-ins bundle all the services the user needs into one. During one call, users will be able to:

  • Share their location and allow the other person to follow them as they move
  • Transfer money to other people’s bank accounts
  • Perform one-to-one payments
  • Purchase goods online
  • Share pictures, videos and documents
  • Start group chats

No need to install other apps

RCS services are embedded in the mobile phone hardware, which means that mobile users no longer need to install other apps for specific services. Smart Communications provide all the required services at once, eliminating the need to jump from one app to another.

Improved credit usage

Smart Communications enable customers to make the most of their mobile offer.
Because RCS includes different services, customers will spend more time on their phone and
will use a bigger share of the voice minutes and data included in their mobile plans.

Who can use IP & Rich Communications?

Stetel has and continues to work side by side with telecommunications operators wishing to improve their customers’ experience.

Success stories

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