Internet of Things

As technology advances, communications no longer entail human beings only.

The rapid development of Internet of Things (IoT) has created a huge, world wide network of inter-connected devices which support human-to-machine (HMI) and machine-to-machine (M2M) interactions.

From mobile devices to domestic appliances, medical devices, vehicles and even buildings, Internet of Things is shaping a Smart Cities, where users can interact with objects and machines while always maintaining control over them. In a Smart World, connected devices make one's life easier, enabling people to find their belongings wherever they are, monitoring changes in the environment and operating devices at a distance while they are away from home.

With the development of sophisticated mobile apps, the Internet of Things allows businesses to collect data faster and more precisely, while making the customer experience smoother and more pleasant.

Stetel considers IoT a key area in which to deploy its unique know-how and software development skills, with the aim of accompanying its customers along the journey of implementing these new technologies in a market that is increasingly hungry for connected devices.

At present, Stetel works with customers from different industries to implement asset tracking systems, environment monitoring sensors and chatbots, which rely on the new Artificial Intelligence technology.

How does IoT benefit businesses?

Fast and precise data collection

In the era of Big Data, mobile devices and apps produce billions of bytes of data every day.

The development of IoT technologies, infusing connectivity into every-day objects, allows companies to capture, collect and analyse data in real time and use it to shape new user experiences. By tracking the customer moves and their interactions with IoT-connected devices, companies can provide meaningful and customised user experiences, use available data to forecast production, ensure efficiency along the supply chain and never miss a business opportunity.

Track property and operate devices at anytime

The integration of sensors and mobile apps into every-day objects allows to locate one’s belongings at anytime, wherever they are. Taking advantage of the wi-fi technology, IoT guarantees that users can always find their properties, whether it’s a bag, a bike or a car, and even operate them at a distance.

Monitor the environment

From the heating levels at home to sun irradiation and water levels, IoT sensors enable the collection and decoding of environmental data and suggest or automatically implement countermeasures.

Who can use IoT devices?

Stetel is creating software and mobile apps enabling the Internet of Things for the following customers:

We keep working to broaden our portfolio.

Success stories

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