Chatbots (also known as Talkbots or Bots) are voice-activated, smart and easy to use applications, making all human-to-machine interactions (HMI) much faster and speeding up daily-life tasks.

With instant messaging being the most popular form of communication for millennials, mobile users are learning to expect personalised user experiences allowing them to interact smoothly with their devices.
Chatbots, the latest invention in the field of Internet of Things (IoT), are the natural answer to this request. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots enable human to machine interaction by recognising, processing and finally understanding natural human language to provide answers to the user’s requests. Chatbots allow users to talk to devices as if they were human beings, while performing a whole lot of actions at the same time.
Activated by vocal command, chatbots enable users to access different services at once without jumping back and forth between apps; they enable online information search and activate devices at a distance in response to the user’s vocal requests.

Stetel’s Chatbots are based on Amazon’s Alexa technology which exploits Artificial Intelligence to perform voice recognition and react properly. Stetel’s chatbots include a Local Agent which can seamlessly connect to the apps installed on the mobile device and extract the required data or search for it on the internet. What is more, when questions become more complex, Stetel’s chatbots resort to Machine Learning to find the right answers to the user’s questions, based on statistics, experience and on the user’s learned habits and preferences.


Based on Amazon
Alexa technology


Voice recognition
and processing

Integration with
other wifi-based devices

Integration with
other mobile apps

How do Chatbots work?


Ask the Chatbot
a question


Ther Chatbot recognises
and processes
the voice command


The Chatbot finds
appropriate answer
in the apps installed
on the device 


It provides an answer
or connects to the the internet
to find it

What can I use Chatbots for?

Chatbots can be used on plenty of occasions, when voice activation rather than typing is required or preferred:

  • Create one-to-one or group chats;
  • Start online search
  • Start a mobile application or connect to a website
  • Activate a connected device at a distance
  • Activate home appliances at a distance
  • Create shared lists, events, calendars and documents with members of a group
  • Grant or restrict access to specific areas.

Chatbots are...


Easy to use


Success stories

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