We are an IT company, an Innovation Technology company! Innovation is what we dream, what we eat, what we breathe!
That is why we have made out mission to create IoT, Rich Communications and Machine Learning solutions for all kinds of business.

As new technologies and solutions emerge on the market and connectivity permeates every aspect of our lives, we expand our knowledge base to keep up with the latest innovations.
Human-to-machine (HMI) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications have become business as usual, and we expect more and more tasks to be automated.
That is why businesses need to be supported by devices that can seamlessly interconnect and perform tasks on behalf of human beings. That’s the beauty of the Internet of Things.
Meanwhile, the small devices we hold in our hands learn from us, from what we do and what we expect to do be able to do. We no longer want to spend time looking for the right tool, we expect it to be there, ready to be used.

These emerging needs require appropriate infrastructures and software, which we care to develop using the latest technologies. We do our best to create solutions that meet our customer’s needs and we keep expanding our portfolio.

Internet of Things (IoT)

A network of IoT connected devices 
and mobile apps to manage 
the world around you

Machine Learning (ML)

Machines learn from
your habits and
find your solution faster! 

IP Communications & Smart Communications

Free internet calls with
embedded content, 
 data sharing technology
and mobile apps integration

Our IoT and Machine Learning products


Speed-up daily tasks
with voice-activated applications

Environmental Sensors

Improve field management
and prevent diseases 
with environment monitoring

Prediction Launcher

Find the app you need
right when you need it!