"37% Airlines allocated a budget for IoT implementation"

Mobile applications and software for companies in the travel & lifestyle industries

In the last years, the Travel industry has changed dramatically thanks to distance reduction. For many of us, managing a global business means living with one foot on the plane and modern technologies makes it possible to travel to the other side of the world in handful of hours.

The development of IoT technologies allowing users to take advantage of wifi networks make travelling much easier and more carefree. Smart transportation can dramatically improve the user experience and make waiting for the bus an interactive experience; beacons help travellers find their way to the hotel, while chatbots allow users to open the home door at a distance when required.

Stetel is working in the Travel and Lifestyle industry to create new IoT devices that will contribute to improve the overall travel experience. Our solutions are meant to tackle those problems which might negatively affect one’s holiday, such as luggage or key loss, unexpected circumstances requiring one’s return back at home or necessity to present one’s medical history at the hospital.
We leverage our experience in mobile communications to develop dedicated end-to-end solutions and give our contribution to reshape the Travel and Lifestyle industry.

Our experience in the Travel and Lifestyle Industry

For our customers in the Travel & Lifestyle Industry we have deployed

  • An Asset Tracking System using wifi signal to locate luggage and keys;
  • A Mobile application allowing the owner to locate their luggage and keys in real time;
  • Chatbots allowing users to activate their home appliances or open the home door at a distance.

Success stories

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