"5G will connect 100 times more devices than 4G"

Mobile applications and software for companies in the telecommunications industry

As the Mobile Communications market enters its maturity phase, it is experiencing growing competition and saturation. Customers no longer look for voice minutes and texts only, but they expect carriers to provide internet data and a wide assortment of additional services (including mobile applications).

Mobile Network Operators need to differentiate and leverage the new technologies to maintain market share through customer loyalty, expansion into new business segments and launch of new services.

Stetel has a 10-year successful track record in working with MNOs along these axes, contributing to projects that are essential for the implementation of their strategic plans.
Our area of expertise is in the development of customer-facing applications, guaranteeing new user experiences that are essential to bring the benefit of new technologies in the customer's hands.

Stetel customers are mainly global players, and we often deploy services centrally but delivered across a variety of geographies.

Our experience in the Telecommunications Industry

For our customers in the Telecommunications Industry we have deployed:

  • Wap chat service for mobile phones;
  • Customised widget enabling customers to receive information regarding active promotions and credit, new offers, breaking news and targeted marketing material;
  • Rich communications service ( in accordance with the RCS GSMA standards), allowing users to share data, jump from one app to another, share geolocational and even perform  one-to-one payments while calling;
  • Customisable mobile home interface;
  • Plug-ins and mobile apps integrations with Paypal, Glympse and many more

Success stories