"47% consumers use Facebook to make purchase decisions"

Mobile applications and software for companies wanting to expand into social networks

In less than 20 years, Social Media have taken over the world and today they permeate all aspects of our lives. We have grown accustomed to being in touch with our friends 24/7; we use them to keep up with the latest news and “to friend” is now a verb.

At Stetel, we are always up to date with the latest innovations and we are playing in the field of Social applications too.
That is part of Stetel DNA as the early life of the company's services played around voice mailbox, chats, message boards and more. Even though, Stetel does not have the ambition to compete with Facebook or Twitter but we want to put our experience with mobile communications and our instinct for changes in social contexts to a good use.

In fact, when you know a lot about mobile phone technology and people's behavior, you may have a say, in terms of what can attract a user and his/her wish to make other people aware of personal discoveries and sentiments.
That is why we work to create contextualized and customised user experiences integrated into the core functionalities of a Smartphone.

Our experience in the Social Industry

For our customers in the Social Industry we have deployed:

  • Wap chat service and community for mobile phones