"An IoT based approach could save up to 70% water"

Mobile applications and software for companies in the environmental sector

As the world population keeps growing and alarms about climate change are issued, there is a growing need for systems which can monitor changes in the environment and help optimize the available resources. Governments and institutions are driving actions intended to keep our world healthier and safer, together with services that enable a more sustainable agriculture. On the one hand, cities are changing to turn into Smart Cities; on the other hand, there is a need for devices which can collect and interpret all the data coming from the environment and use it to drive Smart Agriculture.

The development of environmental sensors which can monitor water and weather parameters is also a field where Stetel has found fertile ground where to express its potential in terms of implementation of end-to-end solutions.

We have worked and continue working with government institution and regulators in the implementation, monitoring and remote management of environmental probes and systems. In the last years, our contribution included the development of specialized IoT hardware, sophisticated network connectivity, infrastructure management and data collection and processing.

Our experience in the Environment Industry

For our customers in the Environment Industry we have deployed:

  • Local systems (based on the Raspberry PI architecture), interfacing solar panels to detect water re-oxygenation levels;
  • Wifi connected sensors detecting weather and plant conditions;
  • Back-end systems collecting, analysing and interpreting data and issuing alarms if malfunctions are detected;
  • Back-end systems combining data to create models which can predict conditions that are favorable for pest and disease outbreaks.

Success stories

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