We want to live the challenges of the third millennium as protagonists, by offering to our customers and partners an agile and dynamic model to embrace innovation where it offers material improvement to industrial and commercial competitiveness. Our ambition is to support corporates and public institutions in anticipating the adoption of new ICT technologies, leveraging our ability to attract and train the best professional skills of the sector.

Mobile Applications Development in the heart of Tuscany

Founded in 1991, Stetel is a team of IT professionals deploying their skills to deliver end-to-end solutions in the fields of mobile applications development and Internet of Things.

Based in Livorno, Tuscany, Stetel has delivered excellence to an international customer base while staying loyal to its mission: support people’s ever-growing need for communication with new technologies, while ensuring a customer experience in line with the new developing social context.

Stetel has done so by constantly renewing and keeping up with the changes in the telecommunications and IT fields.
In the early 90’s, when fixed-line was the only available communication technology, Stetel pioneered the implementation of IT services for premium content providers and embraced the emerging wireless technologies as the core of its activities. Also, Stetel's goal is to apply the latest technologies in order to make peoples' lives easier. That's why we have embraced Internet of Things and Machine Learning.

Today, Stetel is a major player in the technology arena, employing its unique know-how in two main sectors: the development of mobile applications and the production of IoT software.

Advanced mobile solutions for all industries

In the mobile applications sector, Stetel cooperates with major Mobile Operators with the development of customer facing applications, enabling Rich Communications Services (RCS) and running across the three major operating systems: Android,  iOS and Windows 10.

The addition of Internet of Things to Stetel’s portfolio was an easy and natural move, in line with new projects requiring deep expertise in the Telco/Networking field.

Stetel has come a long a way since the development of its first IoT device and it has implemented numerous solutions enabling Machine to Machine communications (M2M).

At present, Stetel portfolio includes a wide range of devices, including environment monitoring sensors and artificial-intelligence-powered chatbots, which are widely used in industries as TelecommunicationsEnvironmental, Healthcare, Social and Non-profit.