5 Things you must pack for your holiday

Whether it's a last minute holiday or you've been planning the next days for the last three months, you must admit you are never sure you packed ALL you're gonna need.

No trip is like any other before and I'm quite sure you are wondering how you can have a checklist for ALL kinds of holiday.

Although you will not pack the same items when you go to the beach, when you're going skiing or in order to go camping, there usually is a common thread.

In other words, there are 5 items which you MUST never forget to pack if you don't want to spend your whole holiday at the supermarket for a last minute purchase.

Here is your checklist.



I am sure your mother has been telling you this sicne you were a kid. You should always carry a spare pair of briefs/underpants, a bra and a pair of socks in case you run out of them.

This is definitely the item you sould start your suitcase with and you shoould keep a change in the external part of your luggage or in your bag, so that you can easily reach for it in case you are in need.



Most of use have grown accustomed to use credit cards at any time of the day. Whether you're paying for a coffee or you're purchasing jewelry, you simply swipe your card an you're done. It is wise to remember that it does not work the same way everywhere. There are countries where you cannot pay with your credit card unless you spend a certain amount of money and running to the nearest ATM is not always easy. In small villages there might only be one ATM, whereas, sometimes, POS devices might be out of service.

So make sure you always carry some cash with you, maybe just 20$ so that you can take a taxi and get to the nearest ATM in few minutes.

Also, you might need to use a different currency from the one you use in your country, so it's wise to get some extra foreign currency in your own country beforehand, in order not to lose money due to the exchange rates.



I'll admit this one was easy. Nowadays, there is virtually no place on Earth where we don't carry our mobile, so we are unlikely to forget it.

Before you leave, make sure your friends have your number and are able to contact you at all times in case of an emergency. Also, give them an emergency number, such as the one of the person who's travelling with you or the hotel phone number, and tell them what your plans are, so that they can call the police if you go missing.

If you are worried about mobile tariffs aboroad, first check with you mobile operator and ask if there are any special offers. Also, you can stay in touch with your friends for free by using apps such as Whatsapp and Skype (provided you have wifi connection).



In all likelihood, you've taken a few days off from work to be able to enjoy your holiday. Wouldn't it be a shame if you had to spend them at the Lost and Found desk at the airport because your luggage was mishandled? Would it not be even worse if your luggage was never found?

Make sure you always keep an eye on your luggage by using a luggage tracking system that lets you know where your suitcase is in real time and alerts you in case of theft. You can pair your tracking system with your mobile phone, so that you'll view all information about you luggage location on the mobile app. For example, you could try and use Urban Tracker by Stetel, which is also able to automatically switch to offline mode when flight is detected and to switch on again when the plane lands.



By all means, I hope you won't need them, but you should always make sure you carry some spare your medicines with you for two reasons.

First of all, you never know when the pain will hurt you and the closest pharmacy might be several miles off. Therefore, you should always keep a few pills in your pocket or in your bag. Keep them as close as you can to your body, so you will not lose them if you are robbed or your suitcase is stolen. (Wait a sec...why was it stolen? Did you not use a luggage tracking system?).

Secondly, even if you usually take this medicines at home and you think you can buy them abroad, remember that the same drug could be sold under different names abroad or you might need a prescription to buy it. In some countries (for example the UK), you also need a prescription to buy contact lenses.

In order to avoid spending hundreds of dollars to get a new prescription, make sure you always carry a spare amount of medicines and contact lenses with you.


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