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Customise your Android Smartphone in 5 steps

In the eternal battle between iOS and Android, there is one thing Apple simply cannot claim. Customization.

Indeed, the Android operating system is famous for allowing endless customizations and triggering users’ creativity.

There are plenty of options to make an Android phone truly yours, from changing the wallpaper to making your smartphone completely unrecognizable.

Here are a few tips to change a few or a lot of details on your phone so as to make it totally unique.


Changing the wallpaper is probably the most immediate and easy customisation to do on an Android smartphone. You can decide to set one of your pictures as the background of your home screen or you can pick live wallpapers. Google play is full of themes to pick from, and if you are after something more creative than functional, you can decide to download captivating wallpapers recreating rain or water effects.

Also, you can download wallpapers that make a specific feature more prominent. For example, if you use your mobile as watch, a Timewall wallpaper would come in handy.  Not only will it allow you to see the watch at a glance, but you can combine it with a wide range of pictures and photos.


Most apps are uninstalled a few minutes after download but a few others may stay on your smartphone for years and you’ll end up using them every day. Then why don’t you make it easier to find them?

If you long-press an empty part of your home screen, Android will present you with a list of the available widgets you can set on you home screen. These include both in-built apps (such as calendar and weather) and downloaded apps (Netflix, Whatsapp). Also, you can reach your preferred contacts with just one click by creating a shortcut to specific conversations or to the contact details.


If you’re looking for a package that includes both wallpaper and icon customisation, you are after a new theme.

Google Play is full of themes which you can download for free both from the store or from the Theme part of the Settings section of your Phone.

The list and the categories are endless, and you will find the most appropriate for your needs based on the associated tags.


If you already have some experience in smartphone customisation, this can’t be the first time you hear the word Launcher. Launchers replace you home screen with a completely new theme and arrange your icons in a new way, depending on their function.

Some of the most used Launchers allow user to customise the whole user interface, by changing the theme, colour, transitions and animations.

Enterprises as big as Microsoft have developed their own Launcher so as to make the user experience more engaging and fun.

Moreover, launchers have also opened to new technologies and have integrated Machine Learning.

For example, Prediction Launcher analyses apps usage data and uses its unique algorithm to predict which app the user will need, based on the time of the day or the location they are at. What is more, it makes the user experience unique because the apps rotate on the home screen as if they were in a cloud.


Although tones customisation has been possible for several years now, customised notifications are a pretty new feature.

In the contacts section you can assign a different tone to each and every one of you contacts, both for calls and text messages.

Moreover, you can customise notifications for some of the most common messaging and phone apps, including Whatsapp, Skype, Facebook Messenger and Telegram.

To learn more about how to have a unique user experience with your phone, check out our article “4 Tips to provide Great User Experience” or visit our website.

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