How a branded app can reduce the marketing effort

In the 90’s, businesses having their own website were rare. Having a good website often represented the competitive advantage all companies were on the look for and the rapid development of e-commerce made it possible for online-only giants (Amazon, Ebay) to be founded. Twenty years later, having a website is a prerequisite for going into business, yet consumers are looking for something different. According to ComScore, American adults aged over 18 spend on average 3 hours per day on their mobile phones, while 63% millennials maintain that they shop on their smartphones everyday. Here is an overview of how consumers use their […]

Why do users uninstall your app?

It’s a make or break situation: either your app is uninstalled within a few minutes from installation or it is used consistently for months. According to ComScore, mobile users put their most essential apps on their home screen. On the contrary, apps that fail to make it to the first screen are often uninstalled and up to 20% apps are used once and abandoned thereafter. Although some apps are uninstalled after they have served their function (for example the Ryanair app, which many users uninstall after they have boarded their plane), most mobile applications disappear from users’ screens because of poor performance or failure […]

3 Trends that will reshape the Telecommunications Industry

“The mobile telecommunications market is reaching its tipping phase”. We have been hearing this refrain for years, as consumers have become more and more interested in data and connectivity rather than voice minutes and SMS. Mobile operators have defended from the attack of internet providers by launching offers including ridiculous amounts of gigabytes data, while voice communications have moved to the cloud or to over-the-top players such as Skype and Whatsapp. With changes taking place at the speed of light and carriers witnessing up to 30% decrease in revenue from SMS messaging, the future does not look bright for Telecommunications Operators, unless […]